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Micki Moore

Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel
Print Journalism
Flare Magazine Featured Writer
Toronto Star Featured Columnist
Toronto Sun Featured Columnist
New York Times Syndicate Featured Columnist
Making It Author - Methuen (Hard Cover), Dell (Paperback)
Television Hosting and Writing
Doctor, Doctor (39 Episodes) Host - Life Network
Double Duty (13 Episodes) Host/Associate Producer - WTN/Vision
News At Noon (170 Episodes) Resident Lifestyle Expert - Global Canwest Network
You‭re Beautiful (1200 Episodes) Host - CityTV (Syndicated U.S./Canada)
Dini Petty Show (30 Episodes) Resident Lifestyle Expert - CFTO TV/BBS
Lifetime (40 Episodes) Resident Lifestyle Expert - CTV
Free & Easy (520 Episodes) Host - CFTO TV
Men, Women & Money (1 Hour Special) Host - Global Canwest Network
There’s Moore to life (Pilot) Host - CBC
Radio Hosting and Writing
Micki Moore For Flare Magazine (600 Episodes) Host - National Syndication
Ed Needham Talk Show Substitute Host - CFRB Radio
Women Who Talk To Much And The Microphones That Love Them One Woman Show - Writer/Performer
Clio Award Winner
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