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Media Coaching With Micki Moore

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A prominent public speaker and media coach, Moore conducts seminars on “How To Be A Television Talk Show Host.” Using first hand, on camera experience, Micki privately coaches individuals and groups for public and broadcast appearances.

The Camera is Ready. Are You?

You’re on television to showcase your idea, your company, or simply... you! The red light flashes. The cameras are recording. The clock is ticking. Thousands are watching. You have four minutes to get your message across in an entertaining, enlightening and memorable way. How do you make every one of those 240 seconds count? How can you be both relaxed and energized, in order to move your audience to action and also, have the producer invite you back for another appearance? Media savvy results from expert coaching and practice.

How Will Working With Micki Benefit Me?

Micki has an insider’s perspective that is the key to successful training. Her multiple years of experience on the speaker circuit and in front of the camera give you an exclusive insight and edge. Creating strong images and powerful dialogue within a tight window of time are the crucial tools you need. Micki uses “on camera” workshops with constructive feedback to help you achieve results. Through expert coaching and practice, you will gain confidence and credibility, developing a unique personal style that will connect you directly to your audience.

Why do I Need Training at All?

The world of media and television, in particular, has its own vocabulary, techniques, momentum, and roles. Simply understanding these basics puts you one step ahead of most people and cushions your initial appearances. Lucky breaks don’t just happen, they occur when people, who have had goal specific training, meld with the right opportunity. Opening your own door to the opportunity that you need is a learned technique which Micki shares in your program.

I’ve Made a Few Media Appearances Already, Why do I Need More Training?

Each media appearance is different. One might be a “phone in” radio show with irate callers; another, a television show where you deal with charts and props. Each requires a different set of skills. The more prepared and self assured you are, the more persuasive and succinct you can be in delivering your message. Learning to shine in the spotlight, no matter what the circumstances, only comes with practice and coaching.

When preparing for media or public speaking with Micki Moore, here’s what you master:


  • A camera friendly attitude and demeanor
  • Camera techniques to use to your advantage
  • Techniques to deal with your fear factor
  • Ways to define your message or objective
  • Tactics to get your message into the market place
  • Contagious energy that transmits your story to the audience
  • Ways to write drop-dead intros & funny fast exits
  • Host questions that get the most revelaing answers
  • Guest answers that most provoke
  • Creation of sound bites that bite back
  • Preparation for tough, ambush media tactics
  • Self promotion and creating your own opportunities

Public Speaking

  • Ways to slay your stage fright demons
  • Quick cure fixes before speaking, for angst, anxiety and agitation
  • Romancing your audience; speaking to their needs
  • Entertaining instead of lecturing
  • Grabbing them with your opening
  • Ways to update your message so it affects the audience, right here, right now
  • Giving them thought provoking concepts to take home
  • Tactics to move your audience to action
  • Learning to think on your feet
  • Making question and answer forums funny, fast and informative

Contact Micki for a consultation about your media needs. Fees and time framework will be discussed at that time.

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